Tackle Decals

  • Tackle Box Organizer
  • Permanent adhesive vinyl for low energy surfaces
  • (72) unique 3.5″ x .5″ durable die cut fishing tackle box labels
  • Categories: Terminal Tackle, Jigs, Hard Baits, Soft Baits
  • Great for Bass Fishing, Walleye Fishing, Crappie Fishing, and more.


Tackle Box Labels by Tackle Decals – bass fishing tray labels are design to be a tackle box organizer while making your fishing setup look completely custom. Each label is made from a permanent high performance vinyl that is outdoor durable and designed for low energy surfaces such as plastic, which most vinyls will tend to peel easily. The graphics are printed with a durable UV scratch resistant ink. Each label is custom die cut to a 3.5″x.5″ rounded rectangle to help prevent peeling and the high tack adhesive works to keep the label adhered to the surface longer than most stickers and labels. Tackle organization is ket to being successful on the water and helps save time and confusion. while searching for your lures. Many bass pros will show you how to organize their boxes, but few show how they are labeled, and if they do, it’s done with a sharpie marker which doesn’t look professional nor clean. There are four sheets included in this pack and each one has a specific purpose. The Terminal Tackle label sheet has labels for hooks and weights. The Jig sheet has different types of jig heads. The hard baits categorizes your hard plastic baits like crankbaits and swimbaits. The Soft bait sheet will organize your soft plastics like worms and trailers.

Bass, Walleye, Crappie, and Trout fishermen love to keep their tackle clean and ready to use at all times and this will surely make them look good doing it. There are 72 unique labels included with this package set. This product works well on smooth surfaces. Clean the surface with cleaner prior to application. Surfaces that are porous, greasy, or oily do not allow the adhesive to stick to the surface.